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Simplified LinkedIn Account Settings

Customizing your account settings is an important step for every LinkedIn user, enabling you to control your privacy and specify exactly how you want to use LinkedIn. The many options offered on the Account & Settings page, however, used to overwhelm many users, tempting them to skip this step.

Fortunately, LinkedIn recently redesigned the Account & Settings page, simplifying the available options and streamlining the navigation to require fewer clicks. To check out the new look, go to the global navigation bar, click the down arrow to the left of your name, and select Settings from the drop-down menu. Figure 2 shows the new Account & Settings page.

Figure 2 Specify how you want to use LinkedIn on the streamlined Account & Settings page.

Don't worry. LinkedIn didn't change any of your settings during the redesign, just the appearance of this page.

At the top of the page, you can view basic information such as your account type and available number of InMails and introductions. LinkedIn also offers links to other common tasks, such as changing your email address, changing your password, and upgrading your account.

The lower portion of the page displays four tabs that you can click to view related links. These are

  • Profile—Specify privacy and Twitter settings, including who can view your profile data and activity broadcasts.
  • Email Preferences—Specify which email notifications you want to receive and how often you want to receive them.
  • Groups, Companies & Applications—Modify group email notifications, manage the companies you follow, and view and add applications.
  • Account—Manage your profile photo visibility, specify advertising preferences, customize your home page, and manage your account.
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