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Ten Truths Behind a Powerful Personal Brand

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There are ultimate truths to any idea or rule within personal and professional lives. The same concept applies to personal branding. Kyle Lacy explains that whether you are trying to build a company, get a job, or create a personal brand, there are universal rules that apply to any person, any position, or any idea.
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In building a personal brand there are a couple of statements that need to be taped, tattooed, or secured to your person for the rest of your life. They contain the top ten truths when it comes to building a powerful personal brand.

1. Change or Become Irrelevant

Most articles, presentations, and training on personal branding should lead off with this quote:

"If you don't like change you are going to like irrelevance even less."
—General Erik Shineski

What a brilliant quote, right? If you don't change you are going to become irrelevant. This is (more than likely) the most important rule for building a powerful personal brand.

Technology has the habit of changing. And with the changes in technology comes the changes in how people communicate. It is important that you shift and change with your competition, clients, and industry.

Remember, if you do not like change. You are going to like irrelevance even less. If you doubt that, just ask Blockbuster or Borders.

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