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The Revised Business Process

The new ILS supported sequential barcoding when a new item record was being created from within the Cataloging module. The first step in the batch barcoding process was to log into the ILS through the Log On dialog box (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 Log On dialog box.

After the user logged on successfully, the Shortcut Bar appeared, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Shortcut Bar.

At this point, the user could open the New dialog box (see Figure 3) by clicking the Document icon on the Shortcut Bar. In the dialog box, the user would select Item Record from within the Objects section and then choose to use either No Template (a blank template) or Existing Template within the Choose Template section. In Figure 3, the AF/AK template is selected. Clicking OK displayed the New Item Record Options dialog box (see Figure 4).

Figure 3 New dialog box.

Figure 4 Specifying the options for the new item record.

Here, the library staff member would enter the necessary information for the single or multiple item record(s) being created. In Figure 5, the user has entered the book Things Will Never Be the Same by Tomie De Paola, with one copy, three copies, and four copies in various branches of the library.

Figure 5 Item information added.

Clicking OK here opens the Item Barcode Range dialog box (see Figure 6), where information is entered for the range of barcodes to be used for this set of items. The library staff member selects Sequential as the barcode type. Under Range, the user enters the starting barcode number, the next number to be assigned, and the end of the range. The start and end codes are the first and last barcode numbers, respectively, that will be assigned. The next code to be assigned is the sequential step counter. After entering this data, click OK.

Figure 6 Item Barcode Range dialog box.

Once the barcode range information is entered, the ILS barcodes the newly created items sequentially, as shown in Figure 7. The eight items in this example received sequential barcodes ranging from 51 through 58.

Figure 7 The Bibliographic Records list shows how the bulk items were barcoded.

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