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Managing and Personalizing My eBay

Each of the My eBay views can be personalized according to your personal tastes. Let's take a quick look at these common view management features.

Sorting and Filtering

The information in any My eBay list (what eBay calls an information table) can be sorted by any individual column. Just click the column header to sort by that column.

You can also filter the listings presented in most tables to cut down on information overload. At the top of each information table should be a series of Show links; click a link to filter the information accordingly. For example, in the Items I've Won table (in the All Buying view), you can choose to show All items, or just those items Awaiting Payment or Awaiting Feedback.

Hiding or Displaying Columns

If you don't need to see all possible information for specific listings, My eBay lets you customize which columns are displayed for each individual information table. Just click the Customize link above the information table, and then select which columns you want to see.

Changing How Many Listings to Display

For most My eBay information tables, you can select how many days' worth of listings you want to display. The default value is 2 days; you can display up to 31 days' worth of items if you want. Just pull down the Period list at the top of a given information table and make a new selection.

Leaving Notes to Yourself

Every now then you might have an auction that requires additional action on your part, or somehow needs further annotation. Fortunately, My eBay lets you add electronic "sticky notes" to any auction listing. Just check the option box next to a particular listing and then click the Add Note button (at the top of the information table); add your comments into the resulting text box.

"Mike Sez"

My eBay is such a useful tool that I make it my primary gateway to the entire eBay site. I never use eBay's home page—I use My eBay instead. It's the very first bookmark in my Web browser!

Printing Key Information

The information presented in My eBay looks great onscreen but can be a little much if you need a hard copy. Fortunately, My eBay lets you print a simplified, printer-friendly version of any information table. All you have to do is click the Print link next to any section of any view page. For example, to print a list of auctions you've won, go to the All Buying view and click the Print link at the top of the Items I've Won section.

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