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Interface Changes

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In This Chapter

  • A cool new look, without all the fluff

  • Saving disk space

  • Creating your own CDs

  • Getting support

What's New

This chapter touches on some of the new interface changes and features in Windows Server 2003. Just as Windows NT Server 4.0 shares a user interface with Windows 95 and Windows NT Workstation 4.0, and just as Windows 2000 Server shares an interface with Windows 2000 Professional, the Windows Server 2003 interface is the same as that of Windows XP's "Windows Classic" theme (although different from Windows XP's default theme). All the features in this chapter were first introduced in Windows XP; Windows Server 2003 now brings features such as new visual themes, the Compressed Folders feature, CD burning, and the remote desktop/remote assistance technologies to the server platform. If you are already familiar with Windows XP, you might want to briefly skim this chapter. Most of these features provide enhanced functionality previously available only through third-party products. Overall, these features provide a more pleasant look and feel and enhance the overall user experience.

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