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From the author of How Do You Select a Shipping Service for Your Listing?

How Do You Select a Shipping Service for Your Listing?

You select the shipping service you want when creating your eBay listing. If you’re using the simple Create Your Listing form, go to section 4, Set a Price and Shipping Details. Pull down the list and select a shipping service (see Figure 1). All the options listed in this article should be available.

Figure 1 Selecting a shipping service when creating an item listing.

You can offer more than one service in your listing and let your buyer select which he or she prefers. Just click the Add Other Shipping Destinations or Services link to expand the shipping section. Select additional shipping services from the pull-down lists. (This is also how you add international shipping options in addition to your standard domestic shipping.)

When it comes to determining the correct shipping fee for your item, use eBay’s Shipping Calculator, also on the Create Your Listing form. Click the Shipping Calculator link to open the Shipping Calculator window (see Figure 2). Enter the estimated weight of your item, select the type of packaging you’re using, and then click the Continue button. On the next screen, enter your ZIP code, how much you want to charge for additional handling, then select Sample Rates from the Domestic Rates list (see Figure 3). Click the Show Rates button and eBay displays a comparison of rates to three cities (Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles) for a variety of shipping services (see Figure 4). Use this chart to determine the shipping service you want to use, as well as to help estimate an average shipping cost.

Figure 2 Using eBay’s Shipping Calculator.

Figure 3 Entering shipping details into the Shipping Calculator.

Figure 4 Comparing costs between shipping services.

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