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CCNP Security IPS 642-627 Quick Reference: Installation of a Typical Sensor

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Gary Halleen outlines the installation of a typical Cisco IPS sensor.
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Command-Line Interface

The command-line interface (CLI) of a Cisco IPS sensor is much like an IOS router, but with fewer commands and different modes. You can access the CLI using

  • Telnet (disabled by default)
  • Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Serial interface

The default username is cisco, with a default password of cisco. You are prompted to change these upon the first login.

The CLI can be used to

  • Initialize the sensor
  • Configure
  • Administer
  • Troubleshoot
  • Monitor

Two modes of the CLI differ from a router:

  • Service mode: Used to edit a service. You enter it using the command service service-name.
  • Multi-instance service mode: Some of the services are multi-instance services to support virtualization. To enter this mode, use the command service service-name logical-instance-name.
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