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Weblog Rings

Webrings have been in existence for a long time now. Essentially, they are individual sites that link to other similar sites to help increase interest—and traffic!

Weblog rings are an extension of the same concept. You will be asked either to have a text link and/or linked image on your site to another site within the ring. In turn, others link to your site, creating the "ring" concept.


Blogmania is a great example of a general weblog ring. To become a member of the ring, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to Blogmania!.

  2. Click the Join link. You'll be taken to the site submission page.

  3. Fill in the form; then click the Add your site button.

  4. You'll receive an e-mail with the webring code. Add this to an appropriate place within your weblog index template in your Movable Type configuration.

  5. Rebuild your site with the webring code intact.

You're now part of the Blogmania webring!

Blog Rings by Interest

Along with general weblog rings, there are weblog rings based on common interest. These rings can be especially useful to bring new readers to your site because they are interested in anyone publishing about the subject at hand.

Some of the common interest weblog ring topics we've found include:

  • Rings by country and language

  • Rings focused on current events and news

  • Rings concerned with computing topics

  • Family, baby, and wedding weblog rings

  • Religious weblog rings

  • Photography weblog rings

Because there are so many weblogs and weblog ring-types out there, we'll offer some of our favorites. To find more weblog rings, do a search on the term weblog ring along with your topic of interest (such as weblog ring Judaism) from your favorite search engine.

Author Favorites: Interesting Weblog Rings

The following weblog rings have been hand-picked by us just for your enjoyment!

  • Movable Type Ring. A ring for anyone who uses Movable Type for their weblogs.

  • Scottish Blogs. A ring of all the weblogs in Scotland.

  • Redhead blogs. A ring just for redheads!

  • Crappy blogs. Consider this one, a ring for all crappy weblogs. You know who you are!

  • E-male. This ring is for weblogs written and maintained by guys only.

  • Geek Goddess. This ring is for "Geek Girls who have grown up." A sophisticated ring for sophisticated girl bloggers.

  • BlackBlogz. Devoted to Black bloggers who write blogs from a Black perspective.

  • Bloggers Over Forty. Anyone who is 40 years or older can join this one.

Here are some rings of interest that have blogs within them, but are not necessarily blogging-centric:

  • Star-Trek-One. For you Star Trek lovers out there.

  • The KISS Webring. Do you long for the days when the band KISS dominated pop rock? If so, check this out.

  • To the Left. A webring for talented lefties.

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