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Ten Signs of Enterprise Entropy (or How to Tell If Your Enterprise Architecture Needs an Overhaul)

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Does your enterprise architecure need an overhaul? Jane Carbone lists the ten warning signs.
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  1. Most funded projects are fun to build, but do not directly support key business drivers
  2. The quality improvement process has become so internalized that a high percentage of funded projects are creating very high-quality redundant functions, data stores and interfaces
  3. No one has noticed the linkage between the measurements used to indicate the overall health and success of the organization — shareholder value, high quality/low error rates, customer satisfaction — with the 22 inconsistent, overlapping customer data stores and the high level of customer complaints about receiving duplicate mailings
  4. To support "Buy Vs. Build," each Line of Business has purchased its own trouble-reporting system — and server to host it
  5. There is a governance process, but basically, any tall person with a loud voice can build a new customer data store
  6. There are at least several effective, well-managed work intake processes, with highly trained project managers each tracking their own overlapping, competing projects
  7. There is a formal Systems Development Methodology — somewhere…
  8. The IT organization structure looks like a bad module design
  9. When projects are late/over budget/irrelevant, there is usually stunned surprise (How could this have happened?)
  10. The corporate data model just celebrated year ten of its development, but the only cake-eaters were the corporate data modelers…
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