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  • Aromatherapy: cedarwood, coriander, cypress massage or cold compress, compress of rosemary to swollen joints

  • Exercise in water (nonweight-bearing) or moderate exercise as tolerated

  • Feldenkrais Method

  • Herbs: devil's claw, boswellia, evening primrose oil; ginger; capsaicin cream applied topically, glucosamine (1500 mg) and chondroitin (1200 mg) to help restore joint integrity; natural anti-inflammatories like willowbark, turmeric, and ginger

  • Homeopathy: poison ivy

  • Ice joints and then rub in analgesic oils

  • Magnets placed over an inflamed area on regular basis

  • Reflexology: all joints of the hands and feet should be worked for pain relief and mobility of corresponding body joints

  • Supplements: thiamine; vitamins B6, B12

  • Therapeutic Touch

  • Yoga: practice slowly, seeing how far the affected joints can be moved without pain; do not exercise joints when they are inflamed

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