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Athlete's Foot

  • Acupressure: do full foot or hand acupressure massage session twice a week to stimulate the immune and endocrine systems; do not press on broken, sore, or cracked skin areas

  • Aromatherapy: cedarwood, lemon balm, rosemary; mix 2 drops lavender oil and 1 drop tea tree oil and apply between toes

  • Herbs: black walnut tincture—apply directly to fungus patches and drink a tea of green crushed walnut hulls for fungus anywhere in body

  • Naturopathy: take 2 Kyolic garlic tablets TID, decrease to BID when all infections are healed; dust your feet and shoes with garlic powder

  • Supplements: take B-complex vitamins, 50–100 TID with meals; dust vitamin C powder directly onto affected area; zinc may help clear the skin and boost the immune system

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