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Alternative Therapies for Common Health Problems

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Appendix A: Alternative Therapies for Common Health Problems

These types of problems often respond well to alternative therapies and lifestyle modification. If in doubt of the seriousness of symptoms, see your health care practitioner. A number of suggestions are given for various problems. Select one that seems to be the most appropriate for your situation and keep notes on what seems to work and what does not. Modify these suggestions according to your individual needs.

Abrasions, Scrapes

  • Aromatherapy: after washing with soap and water, apply 1–3 drops of lavender or tea tree oil to wound; reapply 2 times a day until healed

  • To disinfect, pour 3% hydrogen peroxide into the wound and let it foam up

  • Apply the skin of a freshly peeled banana to the affected area, or cut a thin slice of raw potato and tape it over the affected area

  • Herbs: sprinkle goldenseal powder in wound, crushed garlic mixed with honey makes a soothing salve—spread on a piece of clean gauze and cover the injured area

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