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Hardware Domain 3.0: PC Preventive Maintenance, Safety, and Environmental Issues

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Objective 3.1: Identify the various types of preventive maintenance measures, products, and procedures and when and how to use them.

  1. When an external modem uses the COM2 port, no other device should use the _______ port.

    1. COM1

    2. LPT1

    3. COM4

    4. LPT2

  2. The best protection against data loss caused by power failure is _______.

    1. a surge suppressor

    2. a tape backup

    3. a UPS

    4. a RAID system

  3. Which of the following is not a function of an uninterruptible power supply?

    1. Providing a high level of protection from sags and spikes

    2. Long-term battery backup

    3. Monitoring the power input line and switching to the output of the batteries whenever a loss in power is detected

    4. Keeping the batteries online so that there is no switching done when the power drops

  4. The electric power goes out in your town. What kind of device do you need to have installed in order to protect your system from spike damage when the power comes back on?

    1. Power strip

    2. Power suppressor

    3. Switchable power supply

    4. UPS

  5. Which of the following devices should not be plugged directly into a UPS?

    1. A modem

    2. A monitor

    3. A dot-matrix printer

    4. A laser printer

  6. A voltage surge is measured in _______.

    1. seconds

    2. nanoseconds

    3. microseconds

    4. milliseconds

  7. A short overvoltage occurrence (nanoseconds) is called a _______.

    1. spike

    2. surge

    3. brownout

    4. sag

  8. When a slight power line interruption occurs, which device will help the most?

    1. A UPS

    2. A surge suppressor

    3. A separate AC outlet for the monitor

    4. A shorter power cable

  9. Cooling fans should be mounted on all ICs operating at clock speeds above _______.

    1. 33MHz

    2. 66MHz

    3. 100MHz

    4. 400MHz

  10. A _______ is used to protect computer equipment from power-line variations or power outages.

    1. preliminary ESD

    2. surge protector

    3. USPS

    4. UPS

  11. A _______ is used to protect computer equipment from very small overvoltage occurrences.

    1. USPS

    2. UPS

    3. surge suppressor

    4. preliminary ESD

  12. A _______ is an undervoltage condition that lasts for a very short period of time.

    1. spike

    2. sag

    3. surge

    4. brownout

  13. A _______ is an undervoltage condition that lasts for an extended period of time.

    1. brownout

    2. voltage sag

    3. surge

    4. spike

  14. How can you prevent images from being burned into the screen of a video display monitor if it is not set up to blank itself after a period of no activity?

    1. Run an application that will continually change the screen display.

    2. Use the Device Manager utility to set up a turn-off time for the display.

    3. Install a screensaver that will continuously change the display on the screen.

    4. Access the CMOS Setup utility and set the monitor to sleep after a given amount of inactive time.

  15. What is the best method of recovering quickly from operator errors and hard disk drive failures?

    1. Install a RAID disk system.

    2. Periodically back up the hard drive on another media.

    3. Install a tape drive to hold the system's important data.

    4. Place all important data on rewritable CD-ROMs or DVDs.

  16. For security purposes in a client/server network, where should backup copies be stored? (Select all that apply.)

    1. In a locked file cabinet next to the server

    2. In a safe outside of the building

    3. In a drawer near the server

    4. On a shelf in the server closet

  17. What is the first thing you should do if your trackball mouse responds erratically when you move it across the screen?

    1. Replace the mouse.

    2. Check for IRQ conflicts.

    3. Clean the mouse.

    4. Plug the mouse in on another COM port.

  18. Which of the following storage media would not be adversely affected by RFI interference leaking from an old monitor?

    1. A floppy disk

    2. A removable hard disk drive

    3. A backup DAT tape

    4. A CD-ROM disc

  19. Which of the following is an acceptable method of cleaning oxide buildups from adapter board contacts?

    1. A wet rag

    2. Warm soapy water

    3. Electrical contact cleaner spray

    4. A nylon cloth

  20. A problem that can occur in areas of high humidity is _______.

    1. leaks around PCB chips

    2. loose chips on the motherboard

    3. electrostatic discharge between components

    4. an overheated CPU

  21. Which solution can be used for antistatic cleaning?

    1. A water and fabric softener solution

    2. A water and ammonia solution

    3. A water and bleach solution

    4. A hydrogen tetrachloride solution

  22. Which item is best suited for general cleaning of monitors?

    1. An antistatic spray

    2. A common flower mister

    3. A glass cleaner

    4. A damp cloth

  23. How should you clean a trackball mouse?

    1. Use a damp cloth to clean buildup from the rollers.

    2. Use a cotton swab to clean buildup from the rollers.

    3. Use an X-Acto knife to clean buildup from the rollers.

    4. Use a pencil eraser to clean buildup from the rollers.

  24. Which peripheral item is most subject to problems created by environmental dust?

    1. Printer

    2. Floppy disk drive

    3. Mouse

    4. Keyboard

  25. What product is recommended for manual cleaning of floppy disk drives and tape drive R/W heads?

    1. Soft cloths

    2. Cotton swabs

    3. A pencil eraser

    4. Foam swabs

  26. Which of the following are common sources of heat buildup that can be found around a PC installation? (Select all that apply.)

    1. Direct sunlight

    2. Location of heaters

    3. Excess body heat

    4. Papers piled on equipment

  27. What precautions should be taken when storing backup copies of the system's disk drives?

    1. All personnel should have access to the backups.

    2. Only the network administrator should have access to the backups.

    3. All backups should be cleaned regularly.

    4. All backups should be tested regularly.

  28. Which of the following can lead to problems with excess heat buildup?

    1. Open HVAC ducts

    2. Closed computer cases

    3. Closed window shades

    4. High humidity

  29. At what point does heat buildup become a problem for most PCs?

    1. Room temperatures above 85°F

    2. Room temperatures above 90°F

    3. Room temperatures above 95°F

    4. Room temperatures above 100°F

  30. What is the main reason to use a static-free vacuum?

    1. It is small and portable and enables you to get in between the keyboard keys and other small spaces.

    2. It is grounded so ESD does not occur.

    3. It generates less ESD than a normal vacuum.

    4. It has a spinning brush to pick up all the lint.

  31. What two effects do leaving off expansion slot covers after an upgrade have on the operation of the system?

    1. It permits dust to accumulate in the system unit.

    2. It disrupts airflow patterns inside the case.

    3. It diminishes the ground potential of the system.

    4. It has no discernible effect on the system.

  32. _______ is/are unlikely to lead to equipment failure.

    1. Dust buildup

    2. Periodic system upgrades

    3. Temperature extremes

    4. Rough handling

  33. What should you do if you suspect corrosion might cause a problem with an adapter card?

    1. Apply a fabric softener and water solution to the contacts.

    2. Brush its contacts with a small paintbrush.

    3. Wipe its contacts gently with a damp cloth.

    4. Rub its contacts very gently with a soft pencil eraser.

  34. How can you remove dust from the inside of the case?

    1. Apply a fabric softener and water solution.

    2. Rub gently with a dry towel.

    3. Wipe gently with a damp cloth.

    4. Use a small paintbrush.

  35. What should be done after cleaning the exterior of computer components?

    1. Apply a fabric softener and water solution to their exteriors.

    2. Rub them with a dry towel.

    3. Wipe them with a damp cloth.

    4. Use a small paintbrush to remove dust from their interiors.

  36. What type of cleaning solution should be used on the exterior of computer components?

    1. Window cleaner

    2. Soap and water

    3. Bleach and water

    4. Do not clean them

  37. What is the best type of cleaning tool for use on the exterior of computer components?

    1. Damp cloth

    2. Vacuum cleaner

    3. Brush

    4. Antistatic spray

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