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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Making Selections with the Lasso Tool

Use the Lasso tool when you want to select shapes that are too close to shapes you don't want to select. This tool allows you to draw around the shape , selecting everything contained in the shape you draw. In the default mode, you can draw a freeform lasso around the object you want to select. You can also choose the Polygon mode for defining the selected area with a series of straight-line segments.

Select with the Lasso Tool

  1. Click the Lasso tool in the Toolbar.


Press L to select the Lasso tool.

  1. Draw around the shapes you want to select.

    Flash draws a preview of the selection lasso as you draw.

Figure 3.19Figure 3.19

  1. To complete the selection, return to the point where you started.

Did You Know?

You can combine several ways to select single or multiple objects. Holding the Shift key adds line segments and fills to the selection. Shift-selecting items that have already been selected deselects them.

Select with the Lasso Tool in Polygon Mode

  1. Click the Lasso tool in the Toolbar.

  2. Click the Polygon Mode button in the Options area of the Toolbar.

  3. Click near the area you want to select. Move the pointer and click again. Keep clicking until the object or portion you want to select is surrounded.

Figure 3.20Figure 3.20

  1. Double-click to complete the selection.

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