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The Power Is in Your Hands

I'm not exaggerating the degree of impact that those of us who can "work" technology have on the world at large. It doesn't require the full force of government and industry to facilitate real, long-lasting change on this planet. All you need is a PC:

  • It took only a few men who knew how to "work" a 767 to bring down two towers of the World Trade Center. And all they needed to know could be learned from buying a copy of Flight Simulator, a piece of software that costs about $49.99 on Amazon.

  • It took only two men who really knew how to work the software to bring the power of the Internet to the world at large, thus accelerating the unification of the planet beyond common imagination. These men, Marc Andreeson and Eric Bina of Netscape fame, shocked and scared Microsoft so much that the company was forced to reinvent itself to fight for its long-term survival.

As I've said, those who know how to work technology, control the world. Think about this the next time you look at your work as just another day of slinging code.

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