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Using the NOOK for Kids App for Your iPad

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No longer do you have to have a NOOKcolor to read NOOKbooks for Kids Read to Me ebooks. With B&N's NOOK for Kids iPad app, you can now read children's books on the iPad that you could not with the regular NOOK app for iPad. This article describes how to use the app as well as how to get those most out of it. Learn how to restrict which books your child can access. Learn how to read both Read to Me books and regular books.
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When the Barnes and Noble NOOKcolor was released on November 19, 2010, one of its signature features was NOOKkids Read to Me ebooks. These books featured a narration (and not a fake, mechanical sounding one) if you wanted it. Moving from page to page, a child could hear the words read to them, and tapping the text would re-read that particular segment. Thumbnail views of each page mimicked the visual magazine representation. The downside of these books is that they were only available for the NOOKcolor.

Fortunately, Barnes and Noble has recently released the NOOK for Kids app for iPad, which enables the same experience with NOOKkids Read to Me ebooks whether you have a NOOKcolor or an iPad.

This article will walk you through using the NOOK kids app for iPad.

Installing and Setting Up NOOK kids for Your iPad

First, find the NOOK kids app in iTunes, whether on your computer or on the iPad itself (in that case, use the App Store)—see Figure 1.

Figure 1 The NOOK kids app in the iTunes store.

Once you have found the app install it. If you downloaded it via iTunes, synch your iPad to load the app. With your iPad on, tap the NOOK kids app icon.

The first time you start the app, you will be asked to enter your Barnes & Noble account information and name the library (for example, Aidan’s Library)—see Figure 2.

Figure 2 Enter your account information to start.

You are ready to start browsing and reading NOOKbooks.

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