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Backup Your Computer and Save Your (Computing) Life, Part 1

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Want to back up your computer? Want to lose your digital life? You might not be excited about backing up your computer, but if you don’t want to lose your digital photos, scanned photos, digital music, videos, and documents, it’s up to you to make backups that work. Let Windows maven Mark E. Soper help you cut through the confusion about backup to discover economical backup that works in the first of two stories about backup. In Part 1, you’ll learn about backups you make yourself. In the upcoming Part 2, you’ll learn about cloud-based backup services and where they fit into your backup strategy.
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Everyone tells you that you need to back up your computer. And, they’re right! However, before you can create a good backup strategy, you need to know how backup works, what types of backup programs and services exist, and what types of devices you can use for backup. So, if you’re still on the fence about backup, it’s time to choose a strategy and get going. After all, your computer has your life on it.

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