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Troubleshooting Tools


The utcapture utility connects to the Sun Ray Authentication Manager and reports packet loss statistics and round-trip latency timings for each DTU connected to this server. See the utcapture man page to learn more about this command.


The utquery command interrogates a DTU and displays the DTUs initialization parameters along with the IP addresses of the DHCP services that supplied those parameters. It can be helpful in determining whether a DTU was able to obtain the parameters that were expected in a particular deployment and in determining specific DHCP servers that contributed to the DTUs initialization. See the utquery man page to learn more about this command.

OSD Icons

Sun Ray DTU on-screen display (OSD) icons contain information that can help the administrator understand and debug network configuration problems. The amount of information encoded into the icons has been significantly expanded in the firmware delivered with Sun Ray Server Software 2.0. The icon structure and progression are described in detail in the troubleshooting section of the Sun Ray Server Software 2.0 Administrator's Guide.

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