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Section 5.0: IPSec/GRE Configuration (10 points)

5.1: IPSec (5 points)

5.1.1: IPSec LAN-to-LAN Using Preshared (2 points)

  1. Encrypt IDS traffic between PIX and R4 in Section 6.2.1. Use a preshared key and SHA for message authentication and DES for encryption. Configure all other parameters as you feel appropriate.

5.1.2: Advanced IPSec LAN-to-LAN (3 points)

  1. Configure IPSec to encrypt GRE traffic between R6 and R3 in Section 5.2.

  2. Use preshared keys. Configure all other parameters as you feel appropriate.

  3. If there is a loss of connectivity between two IPSec peers, terminate the sessions.

  4. You are allowed to put one static route but not a default route on the pix to achieve this task.

5.2: GRE (5 points)

  1. Configure GRE through PIX; R6 should see all loopbacks in area 30 created on R3 in Section 2.2. R6 should ping even networks through GRE and odd networks through PIX. Run EIGRP-100 on GRE. Any ACL used to accomplish this task should not be more than one line.

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