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This chapter is from the book

General Guidelines

  • Please read the whole lab before you start.

  • Do not configure any static/default routes unless otherwise specified/required.

  • Use DLCIs provided in the diagram.

  • Use the IP addressing scheme provided in the diagram; do not change any IP addressing unless otherwise specified. In the CCIE Lab, initial configurations are loaded, and therefore IP addresses are not to be changed. In this book, each chapter has a separate lab topology with different IP addressing, so each chapter needs to be recabled and all IP addresses need to be redone from the previous chapter.

  • Use cisco as the password for any authentication string, enable-password, and TACACS+/RADIUS key or for any other purpose.

  • Add additional loopbacks as specified during this lab.

  • Configure VLANs on Switch1 as per Figure 1-1.

  • All routers should be able to ping any interface in the network using the optimal path.

  • You must time yourself to complete this lab in 8 hours.

  • Do not use any external resources or answers provided in this book when attempting the lab.

  • Configure a backdoor for any of the AAA questions below to the local database. If you don't, you will lose all points for that question.

  • Do not configure any authentication or authorization on the console and aux ports.

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