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Trend #5: New Offshore Project-Management Skills Are Needed

Managing a project remotely in India, Russia, China, or the Philippines represents a new dimension of project management. Still a relatively young business practice, offshore outsourcing has ample room for improvement, particularly in the area of project management. Few managers are experienced at managing offshore teams remotely, and even fewer possess all the skills that a successful offshore project requires.

Managing in-house projects is difficult enough. Managing projects and processes thousands of miles away is much more challenging. At the more sophisticated firms, offshore project management is transitioning into a well-established field. Successful companies will begin to separate themselves from the rest through project management.

What does this mean for you? The strongest job growth in 2004 will be in project management and business requirements analyst roles. Companies that don't have these skills will look internally for people to enhance their knowledge, or hire people to supplement their teams. In parallel, offshore vendors have to hire more talent at the local level for better client interaction.

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