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Presenting with Apreso is a breeze. The only glitch I've encountered was with one animated chart, which animated properly during the presentation but appeared as one unit in the final output.

That brings up other advantages of this product. It's a great rehearsal or practice tool: Show colleagues how you intend to present certain material, and then get their feedback. Rehearsing with the Apreso presentation is superior to PowerPoint's native rehearse timings feature in that it also captures what you have to say, allowing you to hear yourself and how you come across before you take your show on the road.

Sending out an Apreso version takes a lot of the unknown out of presenting. After you've captured your slideshow the way you want it, it will always play in the way you intended. There won't be any surprises of the type you might find at a strange venue, where the sound doesn't work or you forget your microphone or wireless mouse.

And if it saves you a couple of trips to the airport by letting you narrate and present remotely, the Anystream hosting service will easily pay for itself.

If you're a frequent PowerPoint presenter, check out Apreso from Anystream. I think you'll be glad you did.

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