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Figure 1 shows a presentation that is ready to be converted to an Apreso file. (Notice the Apreso toolbar in the upper-left corner of the figure.)

Figure 1Figure 1 The Apreso Wizard takes you through the steps to set up your peripherals and begin capture.

To begin a capture session, you simply click the Apreso button on the toolbar, which opens the Setup Wizard. The wizard lets you check the image on your video camera, fine-tune your audio level, add a description to the presentation, and introduce yourself in language that will appear on the web page that hosts the final presentation.

When you complete the wizard by clicking Finish, a dialog box prompts you to begin the capture process. This is where you smile at the camera and get ready to present. You click to begin, and your PowerPoint presentation opens full-screen, as though you were in front of an audience.

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