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Other Tools and Utilities

Mac OS X includes a few other tools and toys that you might be interested in using. These aren't covered in detail because of the nature of the tools. If you've used a computer, you'll be familiar enough with these applications that you'll be right at home.

  • Calculator (path: /Applications/Calculator)—The Mac OS X calculator has both simple and scientific modes, a paper-tape display, and numerous conversion features, including a currency converter that updates exchange rates via the Internet.

  • Stickies (path: /Applications/Stickies)—The classic Stickies application allows you to jot down brief notes and "attach" them to your screen.

  • TextEdit (path: /Applications/TextEdit)—TextEdit is a styled text editor capable of opening, editing, and saving RTF and Word documents. TextEdit is also capable of plain text editing, so it can be used to modify Unix configuration files.

  • Grab (path: /Applications/Utilities/Grab)—A screenshot utility that allows users to take timed screenshots.

  • DigitalColor Meter (path: /Applications/Utilities/DigitalColor Meter)—The DigitalColor Meter utility allows you to sample onscreen colors and display their representation in a variety of color spaces, including HTML-ready Hex RGB.

  • Chess (path: /Applications/Chess)—Last but not least, the 3D Chess application, shown in Figure 3.82 provides an intellectually stimulating gaming experience on your Mac. When your Windows friends are playing Solitaire, show them a real game. Although based on GNUChess, Apple provides a beautiful 3D interface to the classic Unix game.

Figure 3.82Figure 3.82 Panther's Chess application is a thing of beauty.

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