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Creating Dotted Rhythms

RTTTL allows you to create notes with a dotted duration. Musically, a dotted duration is one in which a note is given the duration of "itself plus half." For example, a dotted quarter note has a value of a quarter note plus an eighth note. A dotted eighth note has a duration value of an eighth note plus a sixteenth note. This concept is illustrated in Figure 15.

Figure 15Figure 15 Dotting a note increases the note's length by half.

You dot a note by adding the period (.) character to the end of a duration-pitch-octave grouping. For example, if you want to dot a quarter note with a pitch of C in the fifth register, you write this:


Thus, the rhythm shown in Figure 16 translates into this RTTTL string:


Figure 16Figure 16 A musical phrase that uses a dotted quarter note.

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