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Five Deadly Sins of Social Networking for the Job Seeker

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Erik Deckers warns you not to do these things online when searching for a job: post negative content (Spring Break photos, for example) on your Facebook page; get into angry, heated debates; or post content that runs counter to the brand you're trying to build.
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Social networking is one of the most efficient ways to find a job. Rather than hitting the job boards every day, trying to stand out from the hundreds of other candidates, branding yourself through social media can help you find a job better than any job board ever could.

With social media, you control your brand and how (and whether) people see you. You can interact directly with decision makers, bypassing their gatekeepers. You can demonstrate your expertise and burnish your reputation within your industry before you ever have your first job interview. But if you even want to make it that far, make sure you don't fall prey to these five deadly sins of social networking.

1. Posting Inappropriate Content

Facebook has been a great way to connect with friends; relive memories; and share experiences, including great photos, of fun times. The danger for the job seeker is that those photos may be the things you don't want your mom to see, let alone a hiring manager.

Facebook is not a job search tool, but it's something recruiters and hiring managers use to qualify or disqualify candidates. So it is important to keep your "Spring Break" photos off social networking sites.

You may think your settings are private, but these things still have a way of getting out. You're better off not putting potentially job-killing stuff up there.

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