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Five Secrets to Promoting Your Blog

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Erik Deckers covers five ways to promote your blog, including creating backlinks; guest blogging; and setting up automated processes for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
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Social media and blogging go hand in hand. When you write a blog post, you need to promote it to your network of connections in order to expand your readership and develop your personal brand.

Whether you're writing a personal blog for your friends or a niche blog to help promote your brand within your industry, there are many secrets you can use to promote your blog to your different networks. Here are five basic techniques my company uses to promote our clients' blogs, as well as our own.

1. Write Headlines That Hook Readers

The next time you're in the supermarket, look at some of the magazines at the checkout stand. Most of the headlines on the cover use numbers in them: "Three Ways to Please Your Man"; "Five Things He's Not Telling You"; "Six Ways Brad and Angelina Are Celebrating Valentine's Day."

Those numbered headlines are written to attract you, the reader, into reading the magazine. Even the title of this blog post was chosen to be enticing. Had I just called it "Simple Blog Promotion," it wouldn't have been nearly as interesting or eye-catching.

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