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Uninstalling Apps

Downloading and installing apps is simple... and it can be addictive. There are so many free apps out there to try, and with the inexpensive nature of Android apps, you can quickly find your Applications group filling up fast with dozens and dozens of apps.

In addition to downloading and installing an app, you need to know how to uninstall apps that you no longer want to have stored on your Galaxy Tab. Here's how to perform this action.

First, tap the Menu button on your Galaxy Tab and choose the Settings option (refer to Lesson 2). Scroll down the list of Settings and tap the Applications category. Figure 7.16 shows the screen that opens.

Figure 7.16

Figure 7.16 The Applications Settings screen.

Next, tap the Manage Applications option. You see a screen similar to the one in Figure 7.17.

Figure 7.17

Figure 7.17 View only third-party apps on the Manage Applications screen.

Along the top of the screen are four buttons: Third Party, Running, All, and On SD Card.

The Third Party button shows all the apps that are not provided with the basic Android operating system. Notice in Figure 7.17 that the Let's Golf and Nova games were provided by my carrier (Verizon Wireless) and might not come with your Galaxy Tab. You can also see the four apps that I've downloaded (free or purchased): HeavyGunner, Screenshot, Skype, and Star Traders.

Tap the All button to see every app installed on your Galaxy Tab. Figure 7.18 shows the All button selected and the scrollable list of apps.

Figure 7.18

Figure 7.18 View all apps on the Manage Applications screen.

To uninstall an app, select it from the scrollable list. Figure 7.19 shows the application info for a selected app, which includes an Uninstall button at the top of the screen.

Figure 7.19

Figure 7.19 Uninstall an app by selecting it in the Manage Applications listing.

Tap the Uninstall button. You are given an opportunity to cancel the operation. If you want to continue, tap the OK button. The uninstall doesn't take long, and when it's finished you see a screen that tells you the uninstall was successful, like the one in Figure 7.20.

Figure 7.20

Figure 7.20 A successfully uninstalled app.

You are returned to the Manage Applications screen and can select more apps to be uninstalled. When you have finished uninstalling apps, tap the Home button to check the Applications group and verify that the uninstalled apps have had their icons removed.

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