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“Must Have” iPhone Accessories For Business People & Entrepreneurs

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It's possible that you use your iPhone only for ordinary voice conversations, but that's pretty unlikely. With its many fantastic capabilities, the iPhone is probably far more useful to you than just as a traditional cell phone. Jason R. Rich discusses some of the gadgets that can give your iPhone more features, options, and power for handling your daily needs.
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Like this article? We recommend

In addition to being a powerful communications, data management, and organizational tool, as well as a cutting-edge entertainment system, your iPhone is highly customizable. The apps you add allow you to transform the device into a tool that perfectly matches your lifestyle and work habits.

You can further customize your iPhone with optional accessories, some of which can make your device more aesthetically pleasing, while others add a tremendous amount of functionality to what your iPhone is already capable of doing as a standalone device.

Every iPhone user should invest in these four must-have accessories:

  • A nice case to carry and protect your device
  • A scratchproof screen-protecting film that fits over your iPhone's screen (which can also reduce glare, while keeping the screen fingerprint-free)
  • A high-end Bluetooth wireless headset, so you can communicate clearly on the phone—without having to hold the iPhone up to your ear
  • A rechargeable external battery pack, so you never need to worry about running out of battery power while you're on the go

A Case for iPhone Cases

Your iPhone is a fragile piece of equipment that needs to be protected. Choose an iPhone case that offers ample protection for the device's screen, as well as if you accidentally drop the phone. As you'll discover, cases for your iPhone come in a wide range of styles; depending on the source material, they cost from around $15 to upwards of $150.

Determine how you want to carry your iPhone. Do you typically want to wear it on your belt, store it within a coat pocket, or keep it in your purse? The planned location will help you to choose an appropriate case style or design.

Next, think about your budget and the functionality you need from the case. Some cases are designed to house the entire iPhone, but you'll need to remove the phone from the case every time you want to use it. Other cases offer access to the screen and the phone's various buttons, so the iPhone is fully accessible, while staying protected within the case.

Apple Stores (and the Apple website), consumer electronics retailers (such as Best Buy and Radio Shack), and AT&T Wireless stores all carry iPhone cases, but you'll find the biggest selection by shopping on the Web. Simply enter the search phrase iPhone case (along with the model number—3G, 3GS, or 4) into your favorite search engine.

You can start your search for the perfect iPhone case by visiting any of these case manufacturer's websites:

  • Trident Case. You'll find a selection of iPhone case styles offered by this company, most of which have a polycarbonate shell combined with a softer silicone ring that surrounds the phone.
  • Case-Mate. This company's formfitting Bounce case for the iPhone 4 claims to reduce cell phone radiation by up to 60%. The $49.95 case is thin and comes in several colors.
  • iSkin. A collection of soft-shelled cases are available for all of the iPhone models, including durable, rubberized slipcases in a variety of colors and styles.
  • Material 6. Add a sophisticated sense of style to your iPhone by replacing its backing with a handcrafted, fine wood backplate that adds elegance and uniqueness to your phone, while also protecting it.
  • Sena Cases. Sena offers fine-looking leather cases, pouches, and slipcovers for all of the iPhone models, ideal for businesspeople.
  • Trtl Bot. Like their turtle namesake, the eco-friendly cases from this company are hard-shelled. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the iPhone 4 cases offer protection that surrounds the phone, while keeping the screen, ports, camera(s), and buttons accessible.
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