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“Must Have” iPad Accessories for Business People and Entrepreneurs

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Discover how you can expand the functionality and usefulness of your Apple iPad, and/or better protect your tablet, by adding optional accessories. This article will help you pick out the perfect case for your iPad, plus choose other accessories that will allow you to better enjoy your Apple mobile device while tapping its true potential as a tool for communications, organization, data management and entertainment.
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Like this article? We recommend

While carrying around and using an Apple iPad in the workplace gives you that extra "coolness" factor, and will make you the envy of your coworkers, it also provides access to a powerful communications and information-management tool. To get the most out of the tablet device, however, you'll typically want or need to add a few optional accessories, depending on how your iPad is being used.

To help you decide which accessories to purchase, this article covers these three main needs:

  • Protecting your iPad. To keep the screen from getting scratched and reduce glare and fingerprint smudges (as well as adding some privacy from onlookers), consider applying an optional screen-protection film over your iPad's screen, or encasing the entire iPad with an ultra-thin, crystal-clear, yet extremely strong material.
  • Transporting and carrying your iPad. Cases for the iPad come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, any of which will help to protect the device during transport.
  • Getting the best use from your iPad. Whether you want a full-size keyboard for more efficient word processing, or you'd like to watch a movie on your iPad and enjoy superior sound quality, a wide range of accessories are available, designed to improve your iPad experience.

Start with a Screen Protector

Regardless of what type of case you choose for your iPad, a screen protector is a wise investment that not only offers scratch and crack protection, but can also reduce glare and fingerprint smudges on the screen. Screen protectors for the iPad average around $30.

NLU Products' BodyGuardz screen protectors fit perfectly over the iPad's front screen. Optically clear and designed to prevent scratches, these protectors are ultra-tough yet extremely thin. Installation takes just minutes.

Similarly, the ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD screen protectors are designed to cover the iPad's screen. However, you also can purchase a design that covers the entire unit (front and back) with a military-grade, extremely thin (.2 mm), highly durable and crystal-clear film that offers a tremendous level of added protection for your iPad.

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