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Assigning Testers

As with the test configurations, you can assign testers in a number of ways. The first and most obvious way (and certainly the easiest to report on) is to simply assign the Test Case work item to a tester. That person is then the "tester" of record. There are numerous scenarios in which the person who writes the Test Case does not also execute it. There are also scenarios in which the Test Case, as previously mentioned, is executed on different configurations, and different testers work those different configurations.

To assign a tester to a Test Case, you work at the suite or Test Case level. The screen for both is the same; the only difference is which testers show up. Right-click the Test Suite or the Test Case, and click Assign Testers for Selected Tests or Assign Testers for All Tests, or click the Assign button in the Suite Details pane. This brings you to the page shown in Figure 3-16.

Figure 3-16

Figure 3-16 Assigning testers to Test Cases

You can select individual testers for each Test Case and configuration either one at a time or in bulk. To assign testers in bulk, select the Test Cases you want to assign (using the Control or Shift keys) and change the assignment for any Test Case. This change will be duplicated to all selected Test Cases. At this point some Test Cases on the Planning tab show Multiple in the Testers column. Remember that the Plan tab has a distinct list of Test Cases, but because different testers are assigned for different configurations, MTM aggregates all the testers assigned to a Test Case as Multiple. You can see the individual testers on the Test tab.

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