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Like this article? We recommend

Security Tool 5: Protect Your Dataplan

Security Tool 8: Shop for New Security Tools

Android development is increasing exponentially. Android sales are off the hook. Expect new security tools to be developed first for Android and then ported to other platforms (instead of the reverse being true today). Be shopping for new tools, and use Android Market’s built-in security mechanisms to help you choose secure alternatives. Factors you should review include topics discussed in the following sections.

Other User Ratings—How Many and How High

Like other open source communities, the Android community can be very vocal in support of (and disgust with) tools. More stars is a good sign.

Check Permissions

Android has a nice system-permission listing, detailing application needs and their security significance. In this way, you can determine if an application is asking for permissions in excess of what is needed.


Some applications warn you about problems installing multiple versions of a security tool.

Task Manager

This isn’t part of Market, but if you go into Task Manager and select the Summary tab, you can review whether you have enough RAM and Storage to download and run a tool.

That was easy! Now you can return to Market, maybe access My apps and remove a few apps, in preparation for your new security tool.

Putting It All Together

I think Google and other members of the Android movement have done a reasonable job balancing security and functionality in Android. Mobile devices are difficult to secure because they are so easily lost or stolen. The ability to leave the operating system’s security plan by rooting or jail breaking it is another significant risk. Why do so?

Android has many options, especially security options. Review the eight tools and techniques. Improved Android security begins today!

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