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What Next?

Judging by the abominable history of the software industry, Softtek's accomplishments might seem extraordinary. But the fact is, in any other industry this level of performance would earn only a passing grade. Just delivering quality products on schedule and within planned costs is what product developers are paid to do. For software work, however, this is a significant achievement, and it is one that all businesses must soon learn to achieve with all types of knowledge work.

As you read this book, remember that the problems you face in the future will be different from and more challenging than those you face today. Chapter 2 describes the issues of managing organizations as they grow. It also discusses small businesses, bureaucracy, and the problems of managing and controlling a growing business. Chapter 3 gives an overview of knowledge work, how the knowledge-working teams of the future will work, and the issues those teams must address to be successful. Starting with Chapter 4, we describe how to change your organization to better utilize your knowledge-working people and to capitalize on the enormous potential opportunities of the knowledge-working economy.

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