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Five Ways to Get Your App Noticed on the Android Market

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Developers should consider certain things when creating an Android app that will help improve the chances of the app being noticed in the Android Market. Jeffrey Hughes, author of Android Apps Marketing: Secrets to Selling Your Android App, presents fundamental ideas that will help you determine — before you start coding — if you might have a winning app.
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Selling an Android app is a lot like selling other products or services. To be very successful in selling your app, you have to create an app that a lot of people really want. Any app will sell a few copies, but to be wildly successful you have to create an app that tens of thousands will want. The same goes for any product, really. Take books, for example. You can write a book about beekeeping in Antarctica. You’ll sell a few copies but you probably won’t be wildly successful. The audience that would be interested in such a book obviously isn’t that big. That’s why the best-selling books are usually about finance and weight loss and other areas in which a lot of people are interested.

A number of developers have been under the impression that any old app will sell. Yes, any old app will sell but usually only a few copies. There are some characteristics that all successful apps have that will make it stand out in the market. Achieving these qualities within your Android app will give it a much better shot of success.

Create an Android App That Solves a Problem or Fills a Need That Millions of Potential Customers Have

Before creating your app, try to determine your potential market. This is sometimes difficult if your market does not have easy data to measure. A game app could have millions of potential customers, but a fishing game app will be more limited in its audience. It still may be a large addressable market and be worthwhile for your particular app. A game that cuts across many age groups, both male and female, is also going to have higher likelihood of success especially if it’s a game app. Game apps have the greatest potential because they have a broad interest base and a large potential audience. If the app you want to create does not have a huge audience, you must prepare yourself for average app sales. This is not to discourage any developer, but to point out the realities of this market.

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