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The Android Market

Most tablets, including the iPad and the Galaxy Tab, come with preinstalled apps. These apps include things like a calendar app, a contacts database, and an email app for sending and receiving. Other apps may include video and music players, an e-book reader, and a web browser.

These preinstalled apps are useful and typically provide the most basic of services that users require. But what makes a tablet stand out is the capability to download and install third-party apps—games, productivity software, educational programs, and more.

The Galaxy Tab offers you the ability to find and download apps via the Android Market. Some apps are free…others will cost you a small amount. The number of apps being added to the Android Market each day is staggering, but all that means is that you're very likely to find exactly what you're looking for in a third-party app.

And the Android Market, fortunately, offers you a great search tool as seen in Figure 3. You can search by category, search by price, and even view the latest additions.

If an app is free, it's a simple matter to download and install it. And if it costs a bit of money, a single click on the Buy button walks you through the online purchase using Google Checkout. You're even given 15 minutes to reverse the purchase—sometimes that's all the time you need to try out an app and decide whether you like it or not.

I recommend a good review of all the feedback comments provided by other users—this is often very helpful when trying to determine the quality of an app.

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