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The Touchscreen

The Galaxy Tab has a multi-touch touchscreen—this simply means that you can tap on the screen in multiple locations at the same time to perform tasks. (Multi-touch screens are a favorite among gamers where controlling the action on the screen can often be done using virtual "joysticks" that are displayed on the screen and controlled with a user's thumbs.)

The Tab also supports gestures, small movements of the fingers that act as shortcuts to buttons and menus. For example, when viewing a photo on a computer, you must often click on a Zoom In button to enlarge the image (and a Zoom Out button to shrink the image).

But with gestures, you simply place your thumb and pointer finger together and touch the screen—while still touching the screen, you move the two fingers apart and an on-screen photo or image will enlarge. Reversing the gesture—placing a finger and thumb on the screen and pinching them together—forces the onscreen image to shrink.

And rather than using a mouse, you simply tap on the screen to click on buttons, checkboxes, and similar items. You tap and hold an icon (such as for an app) to drag it around the screen, and double-tapping often opens up sub-menus or other options that would require a left mouse click.

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