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Integrating Google Video

Google Video for Schools is like a private version of YouTube where only people with permissions can see the videos posted and owned by the school accounts. Now teachers and students can post videos on class topics, make reports, and post videos of Jimmy from Hickory running the picket fence on 'em. Google Video allows schools to have up to 10GB of videos as part of this service and it's enabled by the Google Apps Administrator as a service through the domain's control panel.

Once the video service is enabled, Google recommends, for some odd reason, that only faculty and staff have permission to upload videos to the service. This permission to upload is called whitelisting, and you have to be on the list to have the permission to upload videos to school's Google Video. The Google Apps Administrator is the only person who can add people to the whitelist.

While Google Video allows up to 10GB for the entire school, each video is limited to 1GB. Google recommends the videos be in the MPEG4 file format, with 30 frames per second and with a 640 x 480 resolution. You can check all the specs on the file structure and limits here: http://edutraining.googleapps.com/Training-Home/module-6-other-tools/chapter-3/3-4.

Once the school has uploaded videos, people need to find and watch the videos. From the school's home page viewers can access uploaded video and sort the videos by relevance, rating, view, and other criteria. Users can also search the video for keywords that the video owner may have added to the video description as part of the upload process.

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