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Passing the Google Apps Mail Exam

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Google has introduced Google Apps for Schools and created a certification of sorts for this suite of applications. This series of certification exams can show your ability to teach, configure, and support Google Apps for Schools. In this article, Joe Phillips explores the Google Apps Mail exam and tells you what you'll need to know to pass.
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If you're working toward your certification for the Google Apps for Schools you might be tempted to breeze over your preparations for the Google Apps Mail exam.

It's email, right? How hard could it be? Well, email is what everyone uses and with Google Apps Mail it's rich with features, configuration, and Google's unique way of getting things done.

The Google Apps Mail exam will test you on eight different objectives—most of which deal with configuring and securing mail in an education environment.

Let's have a look at these exam objectives.

Introduction to Apps Mail

Okay, after that scary introduction you were probably expecting something meatier than "Introduction to Apps Mail"—but it is Apps Mail, not Thunderbird, Yahoo, or Outlook. In fact, you'll need to know how Apps Mail is different from Outlook and why some might say this is better than Outlook. You'll need to know your way around Apps Mail and compare and contrast it with that pesky Microsoft product.

This exam objective will test you on more than just the navigation of Apps Mail and Outlook comparisons. You'll need to know how to star messages (which is a way of saying the message is special), access your chats, explore spammy messages, and trash older messages.

Like all Google Apps there are Labs for experimenting with new features, widgets, and toys for mail. You'll need to be able to configure Labs for your domain, troubleshoot problems with these features (oh, yes, there will be problems), and report experiences to Google.

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