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From the author of Should You Wait for the iPad 2?

Should You Wait for the iPad 2?

All these possible changes—some more likely than others—boil down, for many potential buyers, to a single, burning question: Should you wait for the iPad 2?

I would say yes. If you got through Christmas without buying, waiting until a likely new release on or about April 2011 is almost certainly worth it.

There are two possibilities that go with waiting, both good for you, the patient buyer. One is that the new device will be irresistible to you, for one or more reasons, and you’ll be glad you waited. A front-facing camera and FaceTime support is my guess for the “must-have” feature that people will want the most.

The other possibility is that the new device won’t be irresistible to you. If so, you can pick up an older iPad at a discount, either from Apple directly—if they keep selling it—or used. You can look for a used device on eBay, or from a friend who just has to have the latest and greatest, no matter what.

In the meantime, enjoy the fun of seeing what competitors pull out of their various hats—and the anticipation of seeing just what Apple comes up with next.

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