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Remote RDP

Numerous online storage and synchronization services enable you to remotely access files on your phone. However, sometimes you might find it useful to actually access your desktop PC. The free Remote RDP app lets you remotely log in into your PC and work, just as if you were sitting right in front of it.

With Remote RDP, you can see the desktop, open applications, and view files and documents. You can connect via the Microsoft protocol (RDP) built into Windows or, for better performance, VNC if you install a RealVNC server on your desktop.

The free Lite version of Remote RDP gives you the basic remote desktop capabilities. Many additional features are available in the Pro version, which costs $5.98 or is free with advertisements. This includes the ability to attach an SD card in the phone to the remote computer as a disk so you can transfer files between them. The Pro versions also feature copy/paste between phone and remote, 8-bit color support to reduce bandwidth, and many other features.

The Enterprise version adds SSL encryption and audio recording support, which runs at $19.98.

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