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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Adding and Configuring Inline Frames

So far in this chapter we covered using frames inside a frameset page. Using this method, a single page is broken up into multiple frames. Another type of frame available to you in Expression Web is the inline frame. An inline frame is a frame that can be inserted into an existing page and can be any size you want.


For more information on layers, see Chapter 23, "Using Layers."

Figure 6.10 shows an inline frame into which I have loaded the InformIT site. Notice the scrollbars that let you scroll around the entire page displayed by the inline frame.

Figure 6.10

Figure 6.10 An inline frame allows you to have a page within a page. In this case, the InformIT site is displayed inside an inline frame.

To insert an inline frame, place the insertion point where you want the inline frame and double-click on the Inline Frame control in the Toolbox. When you do, you are given the option of specifying an initial page or creating a new page for the frame's content, as shown in Figure 6.11.

Figure 6.11

Figure 6.11 Selecting a page for display in an inline frame is performed just as it was with a frameset. You can specify an initial page or create a new page.

After you've added content in an inline frame, you can control that inline frame's properties by right-clicking the inline frame and selecting Inline Frame Properties from the menu. Doing so displays the Inline Frame Properties dialog shown in Figure 6.12.

Figure 6.12

Figure 6.12 Inline frames are configured using the Inline Frame Properties dialog.

The options available in the Inline Frame Properties dialog are essentially the same as those available in the Frame Properties dialog previously shown in Figure 6.4. One notable exception is that the Inline Frame Properties dialog provides an Alternate Text text box for entering content to be displayed for users who cannot see inline frames.

As with frames pages, you can target an inline frame with hyperlinks by specifying the name of the inline frame in the target attribute of the hyperlink. This is a common way of updating a portion of a page when a link is clicked elsewhere on the page.

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