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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating Frames Pages

Frames pages (as opposed to inline frames, which I discuss later) are actually made up of multiple pages. At the top level is the frameset page. The frameset page doesn't actually contain any visible content. Instead, it contains HTML code that defines two or more frames and their layout.

To create a new frameset in Expression Web, do the following:

  1. Select File, New, Page.
  2. Select Frames Pages from the list of page types.
  3. Select the frame layout of your choice from the list in the New dialog, as shown in Figure 6.1. For this example, I chose the Contents layout.
Figure 6.1

Figure 6.1 Expression Web gives you many frame layout choices.

After Expression Web creates the frameset, you have a choice of either creating a new page for each frame or choosing an existing page to appear within the frame. To create a new page, click the New Page button shown in Figure 6.2.

Figure 6.2

Figure 6.2 When you create a frameset, you can choose to create a new page for a frame or use an existing page.

To use an existing page, click the Set Initial Page button to display the Insert Hyperlink dialog, where you can choose a page. You can also enter a URL to a location not in your site, as shown in Figure 6.3. After you click OK, the page or URL you specified is loaded into the frame.

Figure 6.3

Figure 6.3 In addition to choosing files in your site for frame content, you can enter a URL.

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