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What’s Missing in Lion?

Now let’s take a quick inventory of what’s missing in Lion. For one thing, the menu bar is not present in either the Launchpad or Mission Control. Additionally, I did not see a menu bar when full screen apps were demonstrated except in iLife 11.

Another thing that you don’t see is the bubble under the icon on the Dock for an application that is open. Perhaps the old notion of closing an application is giving way to the new AutoResume feature.

Scroll bars are not always in view either. Although, not mentioned in the sneak peek, it appears that the scroll bars in Lion will operate like the ones on the iPad, which disappear when not in use.

The resizing handle in the bottom-right corner of a window is gone, possibly confirming the rumor that you will be able to resize a window from any corner. It’s beyond me why this seemingly simple feature wasn’t added long ago.

The Applications folder no longer appears in the Dock by default, having been rendered useless by the Launchpad feature. The odds are you can still put the Applications folder in the Dock if you want to because the Dock still contains folders on the right side.

After taking inventory, I’d say nothing has been removed from Lion that you’re going to miss.

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