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Five Ways to Get Your App Reviewed

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Good reviews are hard to get, but persistence pays off. Always strive to get your app reviewed by several sites, and don't be afraid to look outside the regular review channels by going to sites that might be interested in your type of app. Besides this great advice, Jeff Hughes has five more good ideas to get your app reviewed.
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There is nothing better than getting a good reference. Whether we realize it or not, most of us tend to listen to what other people say about products and services. We base our buying decisions, in part, by what others have told us about their experience with a product or service.

How many times do you ask a friend whether they liked a certain movie or not? If they told you the movie was terrible, chances are you would go to another movie.

What about the last time you went out to dinner and asked for someone's advice on finding a good restaurant? Again, if they raved about a certain place you would most likely go and give it a try.

Other people's opinions about a product or service make a difference for many buyers. We want to trust what we hear and read about products. It makes us feel safer if we see that others have made a similar purchase and have good things to say about it.

You may be wondering whether reviews really matter for an inexpensive $.99 app or a $2.99 app, for that matter. However, buyers are discriminating at any price and the more positive reviews you have written up about your app, the better.

A preponderance of good reviews makes a potential buyer feel good about their purchase. A preponderance of bad reviews is a cause for concern in the buyer's mind, and some will be inclined to look elsewhere for a similar app without the poor reviews.

There are two types of reviews: buyer reviews posted on the App Store or an Android app site, and external reviews posted on specific review sites or sites that have an interest in your app. Both types of reviews are helpful but we're going to talk about the latter: product reviews from professional reviewers.

If your app does not have any reviews, you need to spend some time reaching out to product reviewers to solicit positive reviews. One of the keys to getting better app sales is to get people talking about the app. Reviews are a good way to keep your app in front of the audience.

Follow these suggestions to get reviewers to notice your app.

1. Seek Reviews from any Site that Matches your App's Category

Submit your app for review with as many review sites as you can. Try to submit to at least 30 sites as soon as your app is launched on the App Store or Android Market. Keep an ongoing list of sites and the date you have submitted your review request. This way, you can track who you've sent requests to and when.

It is difficult to get the attention of review sites are difficult to get their attention because so many apps are requesting reviews. But you should still submit to them. It's a numbers game; the more you submit your app for review, the more likely you'll find a reviewer who will eventually write about your app.

Be sure to provide a promo code so that the editorial staff can review your app at no cost. Here are some of the leading app review sites:

Make these sites a priority when submitting your app for reviews and select at least 25 sites that would most likely review your app.

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