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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

The Music Application—Audio (Droid Incredible and Eris)

Let’s take a look at how the Music application works and how to enjoy hours of music while you work.

  1. Touch the Music icon on the Home screen. The Music application presents you with any music and audio files that you have copied to your Droid.
  2. Touch to enable or disable shuffle mode. This is where your Droid randomly selects tracks to play.
  3. Touch to repeat all songs; touch again to repeat just the current song; touch again to disable.
  4. Touch and scroll left and right to view all songs.
  5. Touch to view the Now Playing songs in a list.
  6. Touch to jump to the previous song.
  7. Touch to pause the song. Touch again to resume playing.
  8. Touch to jump to the next song.
  9. Touch to see all of your music filtered by artist, album, playlist, genre, and composer.

Viewing Your Music

While your music is playing, you can scroll left and right through the tracks, or you can see all of your music filtered, which makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

  1. Touch to view music filters.
  2. Touch to view songs by album.
  3. Touch to view playlists.
  4. Touch to see all songs.
  5. Touch to see songs grouped by genre.

Taking More Actions

While a song is playing, if you touch the Menu button, you can take a few actions on the song.

  1. Touch to share the song over Bluetooth. This actually sends the music file to another device over Bluetooth. This normally only works when sending to a computer, not to another phone.
  2. Touch to add the current song to a playlist. You are presented with a list of playlists. Touch one, or add a new playlist.
  3. Touch to use the song as the current ringtone for your Droid.
  4. Touch to see more details about the song.
  5. Touch to enable shuffle mode.
  6. Touch to repeat the song.

Working and Listening to Music

While your music is playing, you can continue using your Droid without interrupting the music.

  1. To work on other applications while listening to music, touch the Home button. The notification bar displays an icon indicating your music is still playing.
  2. To switch back to the currently playing song, pull down the notification bar.
  3. Touch the song.
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