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My Droid: Audio and Video

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In this chapter, you’ll learn about your Droid’s audio and video capabilities, including how your Droid plays video and music, and how you can synchronize audio and video from your desktop computer.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Topics in this chapter include the following:

The Music application for audio and music

The Gallery application for video


Using doubleTwist to synchronize audio and video

Your Droid is a strong multimedia Smartphone with the ability play back many different audio and video formats. The large screen enables you to turn your Droid sideways to enjoy a video in its original 16:9 ratio. You can also use your Droid to search YouTube, watch videos, and even upload videos to YouTube right from your phone.

The Music Application—Audio (Droid and Droid X)

Let’s take a look at how the Music application works and how to enjoy hours of music while you work.

  1. Touch the Music icon on the Home screen. The Music application presents you with any music and audio files that you have copied to your Droid.
  2. Touch Artists to filter the view by artist. Touch an artist’s name to reveal songs by that artist and then touch a song to play it.
  3. Touch Albums to filter the view by album title. Touch an album name to reveal songs on that album and then touch a song to play it.
  4. Touch Songs to filter the view by song title. This shows all songs by all artists. Touch a song to play it.
  5. Touch Playlists to show any music playlists that you have synchronized to your Droid. We cover how to do that later in the chapter.11

Controlling Playback

While your music is playing, you have some control over how it plays, and the selection of music that plays.

  1. Touch to jump to the previous song in the album, playlist, or shuffle. Touch and hold to rewind the song.
  2. Touch to jump to the next song in the album, playlist, or shuffle. Touch and hold to fast forward the song.
  3. Touch to pause the song. The button turns into the Play button when a song is paused. Touch again to resume playing a paused song.
  4. Touch to open the current playlist. If the song is not in a playlist, the list of all songs displays.
  5. Touch to shuffle the current playlist. This plays the songs in the playlist in random order. If the song is not in a playlist, all songs on your Droid are be shuffled.
  6. Touch to enable repeating. Touch once to repeat all songs, touch again to repeat the current song only, touch again to disable repeating.
  7. Drag to skip through the song.
  8. Press the volume control on the left of your Droid to increase or decrease the volume of the music. A Media Volume window pops up and displays the volume level visually.

Taking More Actions

While a song is playing, if you touch the Menu button, you can take a few actions on the song.

  1. Touch to see your entire music library.
  2. Touch to add the current song to a playlist.
  3. Touch to use the song as the current ringtone for your Droid.
  4. Touch to delete the current song. Confirm the deletion on the next screen.
  5. Touch to let your Droid start the Party Shuffle feature.

Working and Listening to Music

While your music is playing, you can continue using your Droid without interrupting the music.

  1. To work on other applications while listening to music, touch the Home button. The notification bar displays an icon indicating your music is still playing.
  2. To switch back to the currently playing song, pull down the notification bar.
  3. Touch the song.
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