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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Configuring the Phone Application

You can control how the Phone application works in many ways, including whether to display your Caller ID information, how to handle call forwarding and call waiting, and changing your voicemail settings.

Phone Sounds and Alerts

  1. From the Home screen, touch the Menu button and touch Settings.
  2. Touch Sound & Display.
  3. Touch Ringer Volume to adjust the volume of the ringtone that is played when someone calls.
  4. Touch Phone Ringtone to change the ringtone that is played when someone calls. The list of ringtones displayed includes any custom ringtones you have added.
  5. Touch the Phone Vibrate check box to make your Nexus One vibrate in addition to playing the ringtone when someone calls.
  6. Touch the Audible Touch Tones check box to make your Nexus One play the touch tones for each key on the keypad when you dial numbers manually.

Call Settings

  1. From the Home screen, touch the Menu button and touch Settings.
  2. Touch Call Settings.
  3. Touch Fixed Dialing Numbers to limit the numbers called from your Nexus One to a list stored on your SIM card, which is useful if you lend your phone to someone and you want to restrict who he can call.
  4. Touch Enable FDN to enable Fixed Dialing Numbers. You are prompted to enter a PIN2; this should be a four- to eight-digit number.
  5. Touch Change PIN2 if you want to change the code.
  6. After FDN is enabled, touch FDN List to select numbers from your SIM card.
  7. If your SIM card is empty, touch the Menu button and touch Add Contact to add contacts to the FDN list. Then touch the Back button to return to the Call Settings screen.
  8. Touch Voicemail Service to choose from the service provided by your wireless carrier or Google Voice. See more about Google Voice in the next section.
  9. Touch the service you want to switch to.
  10. If you selected your carrier for voicemail, you see the voicemail number that is dialed when you touch the voicemail icon in the Phone application. If you need to change it, type in the new number and touch OK.
  11. If you selected Google Voice for voicemail, you see the Google Voice voicemail number.
  12. Touch Sign Out to sign out of Google Voice.
  13. Touch Call Forwarding to change when calls are forwarded and what number they are forwarded to. Typically the number used is the number for your voicemail service.
  14. Touch a setting to bring up the change dialog window.
  15. To stop forwarding calls for this option, touch Disable.
  16. Type in a new number and touch Update to change the phone number that calls are forwarded to for this option.
  17. Touch Additional Settings to change how your Caller ID is displayed and how Call Waiting is handled. You must be in cellular coverage to change these settings because they are actually stored at your carrier and not on your Nexus One.
  18. Touch Caller ID to enable or disable sending your Caller ID information to the party being called.
  19. Touch Call Waiting to enable or disable the notification of an incoming call while you are on another call.
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