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From the author of IncrementalPR to Improve PageRank

IncrementalPR to Improve PageRank

PageRank, famously named after Google's founder Larry Page, is a parameter used by Google to measure the position of a webpage on its search engine. Google displays links to websites based on a complex algorithm by calculating the PageRank of the website alongside the keyword relevance. To display your website for keywords, it is important that those phrases exist on your website.

IncrementalPR can also help you increase visibility on Google. In order to achieve this you need to make sure that the press releases you send to the publishers are very carefully drafted and include all the keywords relevant to your business.

From experience, we know that good journalists and bloggers are busy people; they prefer copying and pasting a good press release. In my experience there were sections of the press release I sent that were inserted in the article without any alterations. This then gets your article in the paper version of the newspaper.

Further, most newspapers now publish the article on their website at some point. Most recognized newspaper websites have a high PageRank based on the volume of content they produce. So in essence you get your website and brand onto a highly optimized website with relevant keywords by just sending a good press release.

You will also require high levels of creativity and ability to tell a story. People love inspiring stories, so hire a copywriter if you do not feel confident. It is essential that you stand out from your competition.

Nobody wants to hear about another Facebook application, but they definitely want to hear about a guy straight out of university making $500,000 via their Facebook application.

Last but not least, you need to shout. It is a fish market out there! Lots of people are selling their catch, but the fishmonger with the loudest voice sells the most.

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