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Initiating a Digital Marketing Campaign: The IncrementalPR Strategy

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Any successful business is built on developing value-add products and services and a route to market via profitable sales channela. Raj Anand uses his experience to demonstrate how good PR and marketing can aid these channels and create positive business opportunities.
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Any successful business is built on developing value-add products/services and route them to market via a profitable sales channel. Marketing aids these channels and creates various opportunities for the business. Often start-ups or new businesses with limited or no marketing resources struggle to create buzz around their products or services.

This article covers how at Kwiqq, my previous business, we created buzz and opportunities with very limited resources. I call the whole process IncrementalPR.

IncrementalPR: Bootstrap Your Publicity

The main principle of this technique is to target publishers (newspapers or blogs with lower audience numbers in order to reach the big boys of the industry). The whole process costs you mainly your time and needs you to be creative.

I had a lot of success with this technique; visit http://rajanand.biz/in-the-press/ to see some of the articles where our start-up was covered. In order to prove my point, I will demonstrate my theory with examples.

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