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From the author of Key #10—Avoiding Blurry and Fuzzy Photos

Key #10—Avoiding Blurry and Fuzzy Photos

When you’re shooting with limited light, the likelihood of blurry and fuzzy photos go way, way, up. Here’s how to avoid these photo killers.

Where to Focus in Dim Light

Make sure you focus on the main subject, and sometimes the main subject isn’t in the middle of the picture. If you’re having problems, try these tips:

  • Enable face or smile detection if you’re shooting pictures of people.
  • Select a single focus point rather than multiple focus points so you can better control what you’re focusing on.

Sharper Focusing in Dim Light

Digital cameras’ autofocus systems depend upon contrast, and if there isn’t enough contrast in your subject (a frequent problem in dim light and at night), the focusing mechanism repeatedly moves between closeup and infinity focus in an action called “hunting.” When this happens, try the following:

  • Refocus on a part of the subject with some contrast (hairline/face, face/collar, etc.).
  • Refocus after turning the camera from horizontal to vertical or from vertical to horizontal.
  • As a last resort, switch to manual focus. Lenses for digital SLR cameras usually feature an Auto/Manual focus switch on the lens barrel; move the switch to manual, turn the focus ring on the lens and stop when the image in the viewfinder is sharp. Some point-and-shoot cameras also include a manual focus option.

Avoiding Camera Shake

In dim light, your camera needs to use slower shutter speeds than in daylight to have enough light for a good photo. To avoid camera shake, use shutter speeds above 1/60 second if your equipment lacks image stabilization (IS, VR, anti-shake) technologies. If your equipment includes IS technology, you can use slower (longer) shutter speeds.

If you use electronic flash, the flash is so brief that camera shake issues are eliminated.

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